The Twelve Lords

The Grey Vale

A bustling trade center of the North, the Grey Vale sits beneath the mysterious Star Mounts, at the southern edge of the ancient High Forest, and straddles the river Delimbiyr in the North. Displaced savages from beyond the High Forest are a constant peril.

Although Loudwater and other small settlements enjoy some prosperity, the threat of danger checks their growth. Goblins infest the Southwood, snatching cattle, supplies, and the occasional child before retreating to the dim shelter of their foreboding forest. Whispers of Najaran serpentfolk fill the taprooms as locals peer suspiciously at strangers, ever watchful for these sinister infiltrators. All of these dangers and more cast a pall of fear and mistrust over Gray Vale.

The Grey Vale is made up of Loudwater, Llorkh, The Star Mounts, The High Forest, Greypeak Mountains, and Southwood.


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